First Baptist Church Library

The Library seeks to meet the spiritual, educational and recreational needs of all ages by providing

a collection of life-enriching materials to help equip the members and friends of the congregation

to grow in faith, love and witness.


The Library is located on the lower level. 

From the entry, take the stairs down to the left. The Library will be straight ahead on the right. You can also take the elevator to the lower level and walk down the ramp to the left.

Self-Check Out Procedure:

1) Remove the check-out card from the item, usually found inside the front cover.

2) Clearly print your name and phone number on the card. 

3) Stamp the due date on the card and also on the slip inside the item.

4) Place the check-out card in the front of the card box on the desk. 

Library Hours: 

Sunday        9:45AM - 11:45AM

Tuesday            9AM - 3PM

Wednesday      9AM - 3PM

Thursday          9AM - 3PM