Prayer Ministries

We believe prayer is a vital part of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Below you'll find times to gather as a group and pray as a family of God. Below are the times we have prayer gatherings. You are welcome to join!

You will also find below our Bible Reading and Prayer Plan booklets, along with resources guiding you
on how to spend Time Alone with God! Our prayer is that these resources would help guide you in your
relationship with Christ. 

Prayer Gatherings


7:45am, Rm 202 - Year round


6:30pm - 7:30pm - Chapel - Year round

Bible Reading and

Prayer Plan 2023 - 2024

Reading through the rest of the

New Testament!

To view this booklet, CLICK HERE.

THANK YOU for engaging in our Bible Reading and Prayer Plan for 2023-2024! After reading through the Gospels four times last year, we are now continuing with the rest of the New Testament. So join us in reading Acts to Revelations. Let's see what God reveals and how it calls us to action.