What are Community Groups @ FBC?

“Spiritual neighborhoods” within the First Baptist Church family that will be filled with people intentionally living out community in authentic relationships while studying the Word of God together.  Focused on growing in Christ and strengthening relationships with each other, Community Groups are mid-sized groups that combine the strong teaching of Sunday school with the relational connectedness of small groups. 

Community Groups are a place to belong within FBC. They are smaller than our corporate worship gathering to give time to connect more deeply with others. They are larger than a typical LIFEgroup and have the connectedness that is seen in those smaller groups, but they do not replace LIFEgroups. We may even have new LIFEgroups form out of Community Groups. Community Groups are ALWAYS open to new members, so it is easy to join or to invite others to join at any time.

Community Groups will meet at First Baptist on Sunday mornings between services (9:40 - 10:35am). In the future, we may also have one or more that meet at other times. In addition to Sunday mornings, Community Groups will have regularly scheduled social, service, and outreach events at other times during the week.


While Community Groups have a strong relationship focus, Biblical teaching will still be a core component of these groups. Teaching content will depend on the group and each group will have its own focus, but the Bible will be at the center of all courses. Each group has a strong, unique identity, and Community Groups are designed and run by a leadership team from the group. In addition, members are encouraged to provide input into the group. Because of this, a Community Group has a lot of flexibility so all group members will have the opportunity to grow and move forward in their spiritual life and journey.


All groups welcome everyone.  You can pick a Community Group based on the group description or are invited to visit more than one group to decide which is the best fit. Our hope and prayer is that everyone will find a place to belong at one of the Community Groups.

Community Groups FAQ

How do I join a Community Group?

Show up at First Baptist on Sunday mornings beginning on September 12 at 9:40 am. Community Groups are always open to new members.

Which Community Group should I go to?

All Community Groups are open to everyone, but they each have a slightly different focus. Pick the one that seems the best fit for you. If you are not sure what group to join, you are welcome to visit more than one. We encourage you to eventually pick one to consistently be part of to build authentic community.

Why Community Groups?

First Baptist Church has always had great teaching on Sunday mornings, and we want to maintain that; however, we also desire to be more intentional in building community. Community Groups are a great way to do this.

Do I have to quit my LIFEgroup to join a Community Group?

NO! Community Groups are mid-sized groups and do not replace LIFEgroups. We may even see some new LIFEgroups forming within Community Groups for those that are not already involved in one.

How is this different from adult Sunday school?

Community Groups will build on our adult Sunday school model. We will keep the quality teaching that we have always had but will also be building community through authentic relationships. In addition to Sunday morning gatherings, Community Groups will also have social, service, and outreach events.

When do Community Groups meet?

Community Groups meet on Sunday mornings from 9:40-10:35 a.m. (between the first and second service and at the same time as kids and student Community Groups)

Will there be groups that meet outside of Sunday mornings?

Hopefully in the future, yes. Right now, all of the groups will be meeting on Sunday mornings.

Who leads Community Groups?

Community Groups are self-run by a leadership team with input from the group so that the interests, needs, and learning styles of the group members are met.

Who will be teaching?

Many of the same quality teachers that you are used to seeing will be teaching in Community Groups. We also hope to mentor new teachers that are gifted in that area, so you might see some new faces as well. In addition, we will be using high-quality video-based teaching when appropriate.

Current Community Groups @ FBC


    We are deeply committed to faith, friends, fellowship, and fun. If you would like to dive deeply into God's Word and spend time with a great group of people, join us on Sunday mornings. This group meets in the Fellowship Hall below the Sanctuary on Sundays beginning at 9:40am.  You may register HERE to join Generations Community Group.


    We live in a time unlike any we have seen in recent history, and as Christians we face the daily challenge of navigating life in this world. We gather to love each other as we join in fellowship and seek a greater understanding of how to act justly and love mercy while walking humbly in the light of Jesus. This group meets in the Fireside Room on Sundays beginning at 9:40am.  You may register HERE to join The Walk Community Group.


    Rooted in the truth of Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, we believe God’s design for the Christ-follower is experienced better together.  We are committed to learning together, growing together, caring together, serving together and having fun together. If you believe that life is better together, come join us! This group meets in room #201 on Sundays beginning at 9:40am.  You may register HERE to join Better Together Community Group.

  • FBC Kids Community Group

    FBC Kids Community Group is a place for kids to belong and grow in Christ together! We have fun, we share life, we play, we pray, and we seek to build our lives on the Word of God together! This group meets in the FBC Kids room on Sundays at 9:40am.

  • FBC Student Ministries Community Groups

    FBC Student Ministries Community Groups are a place to belong for Students who want to dig deeper in their relationship with God and others. We will spend time studying God’s word, praying, having fun, and playing games! This is a great next step for students to take. Jr. High and Sr. High meet separately on Sundays at 9:40am in their respective rooms.