Barrett Holmgren


I am a volunteer at First Baptist serving on staff as the Church Administrator. I am married to Debbie and we have three adult children, and also enjoy nine grandchildren. Debbie and I got married DEC 22, 1979. We both graduated from Bethel College.  

I am a Braham Bomber graduate and Debbie a Litchfield Dragon graduate. I earned a BA degree in Art//Education with a Business minor. I was an elementary school teacher for 5 years and hired as the school janitor as a side job for 2 years. I have owned multiple businesses of my own, one of which I sold at age 59, allowing me to retire. 

My main hobby right now is being a Dad and Grandpa which is really my dream job. I find myself becoming more and more dependent on God through prayer. I love First Baptist Church and especially this church family. Working with the staff and the many volunteers has been a blessing. Serving God and following His plan for me, is the best place to be.