Care and Compassion Ministries

Below you will find information on our Care and Compassion ministries here at First Baptist Church.

Community Care Appointments

In need of financial help? We have appointments every Tuesday afternoon if you're interested. It doesn't matter if you are part of our church or not. Contact the church office for more info. 


GriefShare provides support to those who have lost loved ones. If you or someone you know has experienced the loss of a spouse, child, other family member or even a close friend, GriefShare can help you learn about the grieving process and move towards healing.


The support group meets for 13 weekly sessions. Each session includes time for watching a DVD with experts discussing grief and recovery subjects. A discussion follows each viewing. The discussion period is non-threatening and if people do not feel like sharing, it is okay to just listen. Every session addresses subjects important to those experiencing grief. A GriefShare workbook is also provided. It is designed to help members take notes during the DVD screening and it includes exercises to complete during the week following each session. These exercises are intended to help each person move forward through their journey of grief.


For information about when the next GriefShare session begins, contact the church office at or 763.689.1173. You can also learn more about this ministry and register for the next session on the GriefShare website by clicking here.


ComPass is a volunteer, local outreach ministry of First Baptist Church. ComPass strives to build community passion for change through ACTS of grace.

We all experience being broken in some way, at some point, whether it is financial, social, or spiritual. Our approach to what we do is through partnerships with like-minded individuals, ministries, public and non-profit organizations in the area. We believe relationships built with Awareness, Compassion, Training, and Service coupled with grace are the beginning of transformation and healing.

Contact the church office if you'd like more information!