Adult Ed

This is First Baptist's version of Adult Sunday School. We seek to help people know God and make Him known through the teaching of His Word. It is a fantastic next step to take for many people in experiencing life at First Baptist as people can join any class at any time

Adult Ed Sunday Offering: 

“Set the P.A.C.E.”

Do you desire to help bring mercy and hope to someone else who is in need, even someone in your household? During any season of life - especially the current season we have been in since March - there are many people going through spiritual, emotional, physical, and relational challenges. Therefore, and as a major emphasis of our Fourth Focus, First Baptist is offering a course so that mercy and hope will reach people in need by means of . . .

P rayer

A ttitude

C are

E ncouragement

All are invited to participate in the Set the P.A.C.E. course!

  • SUN mornings, in person, Fellowship Hall
  • 9:50am - 10:40am
  • NOV 1 through year end


  • THURS evenings, online via ZOOM
  • 7pm - 8pm
  • NOV 5 through year end

Click HERE to register for the ZOOM Set the P.A.C.E. course.

Pastor Scott Peterson will teach the course both in person and on ZOOM. Participant's Guides will be provided for both. Contact Pastor Scott if you have questions by clicking HERE or calling the church office.

Wednesday Nights

Stay tuned for offerings as they become available.