The Evangelism & Discipleship Pathway

The Evangelism & Discipleship Pathway is the Action Plan that we believe will move us toward realizing THE VISION as we achieve THE MISSION of Helping People Know, Love and Become Like Jesus. Above is the map which offers a visual representation of the Evangelism & Discipleship Pathway. To view a detailed version of the map along with some next steps, click on the picture above to download a PDF version.

To better understand this Action Plan click here to download the complete Evangelism & Discipleship Pathway booklet,
or pick up a copy at the Welcome Center or the church office.

Included in the booklet is a complete description of the map, as well as a detailed unpacking of the 3 Core Areas which serve as catalysts to propel us forward along The Pathway.  Because these 3 Core Areas really serve as the fuel in our  movement along The Pathway, they are also summarized below.

3 Core Areas

Be Faith-Filled:  God is always about building our faith in Him, His purposes , and His ways. It is a Faith-Filled life that is the foundation for all other growth in Christ-likeness. Scripture clearly places faith at the heart of what it means to be in a relationship with Christ (2 Corinthians 10:15b, Hebrews 11: 6, Galatians 5:6, Romans 4:20-21, and many more). Additionally, we believe that a Faith-Filled life will be demonstrated by growth in the following 3 Key Impact Points:

  1. A fully engaged, joyful, and humble life of worship under the Lordship and Grace of Jesus Christ.
  2. An abiding, maturing friendship with Jesus Christ that is developed through devoting time with Him in the Scriptures, prayer, solitude, other spiritual disciplines, and also in accountable friendships of trust in environments of grace.
  3. An adventurous and meaningful spiritual journey that is reflected by a bold and growing faith that consistently seeks to be Spirit-led while finding creative ways to fulfill the will of God.

Have a Loving Lifestyle:  The number one lesson in life is learning how to love. In John 15:12 Jesus says "Love each other as I have loved you."  In Matthew 22:37-39 Jesus gives us the two greatest commandments, to love God with all that you are and to love your neighbor. So, we will seek to love authentically - from the heart - with compassion, radical mercy, and genuine concern and empathy for the needs and hurts of people. We believe that people living a Loving Lifestyle will demonstrate the following 3 Key Impact Points:

  1. Compassionately caring from the heart of Jesus through radical and sacrificial love, authentic "life-on-life" relationships, and generous living.
  2. Unleashing mercy and hope toward people we know and people in our community whom God leads us to, being open to long-term friendships.
  3. Maintaining a team player mentality in which all people and all ministries humbly seek the greater good through Christ-centered, God-dependent unity and alignment toward realizing God's Vision for us.

Be a Winsome Witness:  God is on a mission that includes His Church. Jesus says in Acts 1:8 that "you will be my witnesses." We are not called "to" witness, but to "be" Christ's witnesses, because that is who I am to the core of my being. This is not optional, but is essential in maturing toward Christ-likeness. If we are truly "Faith-Filled" by humbly surrendering to God, and if we have a "Loving Lifestyle" by meeting the needs of others with compassion and mercy, then we can step out with boldness into an unbelieving world and witness for Christ by our actions AND our words. Why? Because God wants all people to repent and be saved. How? "Winsomely" (prayerful, engaging, thoughtful and appealing). This will be demonstrated by the following 3 Key Impact Points:

  1. A prayerful life that seeks to thoughtfully help neighbors and others in our sphere of influence.
  2. A heart of empathy that seeks first to understand others and why they believe what they do, then to be understood.
  3. A courageous, Spirit-led life that intentionally seeks to invest into the lives of people, both locally and globally, being part of God's plan to rescue them from the power of darkness and bring them into the eternal Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

These 3 Core Areas are further detailed in the complete Evangelism & Discipleship Pathway Booklet available above.

Sunday Messages

Below is a message by Pastor Jared Gustafson from October 29, 2017 in which he presents
the Vision Action Plan (The Evangelism & Discipleship Pathway) to our congregation.




Pathway tools

Included in this section you will find some additional tools for you to use as you discern how to move forward on The Evangelism & Discipleship Pathway.

The Pathway Self-Assessment

The Pathway Self-Assessment is designed to help you to locate yourself on The Pathway map and access some ideas for moving forward along The Pathway. This is a simple 3 question Self-Assessment, and will provide some important information as you formulate your personal discipleship plan.

Download the self-assessment here.

The Personal Pathway Planner

The Personal Pathway Planner provides an opportunity to commit or recommit to a discipleship journey and personalize a plan to move forward with that commitment. This document is intended for you to use as a tool in your own personal discipleship. Any pastoral staff member would be happy to meet with you to discuss this planner and to help provide additional resources that are customized for you and your own spiritual journey.

Download the Personal Pathway Planner here.

Additional  Resources Reveal For Me is a source for additional assessments that can help you as you process your own personal discipleship journey. Bless Minnesota is a state-wide movement to adopt your street in prayer. This website provides resources and tools for you to utilize as you grow in your Loving Lifestyle and your Winsome Witness with those in your neighborhoods. We desire that all of our neighbors experience the love of God through us. Bless Minnesota can help us to see that become a reality.

Evangelism Next Steps: This document provides some clear next steps to take to grow in being a Winsome Witness by sharing the gospel with friends, family and others in your sphere of influence.

Action Plan Detailed Description: If you are one who prefers to see the detailed process by which we arrived at The Evangelism & Discipleship Pathway, this document is for you. It provides much of the theological, scriptural and conceptual background for The Pathway. If you have any questions about the process that led us to this Action Plan, then this document is for you. Additionally, we invite you to have as many conversations with pastors or other key leaders as you desire. We would love to talk this through with you!