As we seek God, He will form us to become increasingly Christ-like and to be family to everyone who needs family.

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Vision Sunday

Below you will find recordings of Pastor Jared Gustafson presenting the vision God is leading us on for the next several years along with several messages further detailing that vision.
This page has now been updated with the Year 2 Focus of the Vision below.

Year 2 Focus

Below you will be able to listen to the message in which Pastor Jared Gustafson presents God's Next Step For Us in Year 2 of the 2025 Vision.

Year One Focus:

Through understanding God’s story, His mission, and what it means to be part of His family, we will actively work toward being one in heart, mind and love. This will start us down the path of being unified, equipped, and unleashed to live out the vision God has given us. Our goal is that by May 2018, we will see:

500+ Vision Commitments

350+ People Engaged on the Discipleship Pathway

200+ New Connections Reported