Global Outreach

The GO (Global Outreach) Team at First Baptist exists to facilitate mission opportunities and missionary support. Our church is financially and prayerfully supporting over 20 missionaries and over 20 mission projects. Each year we provide short-term mission trip opportunities for our congregation. 

We have current mission information and prayer requests located on our mission wall by the church office and on our bulletin board by the church mailboxes. 

For more information, contact the church office at or 763.689.1173.

For detailed information about missionaries and families supported by First Baptist Church scroll down to see  missionaries page.

Supported Missionaries



    Paul Arneson and his wife Kathy are familiar to many in Cambridge. Paul was the Youth Pastor at First Baptist many years ago. He is now working for Emmaus Associates (Global Horizons) and ministers to missionaries and staff, as well as pastors and national lay leaders in Cambodia, Cameroon, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Thailand, the US and a few other places. 

    Paul's ministry is to encourage, equip and empower the believers in these countries and to improve and grow their effectiveness. He is involved with leadership development and coaching and focuses on turning the ministry leadership over to the local people.



    Lisa Carlson grew up at First Baptist Church and works with Young Life as an Area Director in Idaho. She is starting two new clubs there. This area went several years without Young Life clubs. Starting new clubs involves developing leadership teams and committees, visiting local churches to make connections, hosting young adult social events and all-night youth events, connecting with the schools, and attending sporting events to befriend the kids. She is a busy young lady! 

    Please pray for close friendships, community support, the Young Life ministry, financial stability, her ministry and personally reaching more students in the schools and more adults as leaders.



    Bruce and Kate Dahlman are familiar to many in Cambridge. When in Cambridge to visit family, they attend First Baptist Church. 

    The Dahlmans have served with Africa Inland Mission (AIM) for many years. Prior to returning to Africa, Bruce has been recruiting health professionals to serve the Lord. Bruce is a medical doctor and upon returning to Africa, he will be the head of the Family Medicine Department, School of Health Sciences at Kabarak University; Kate teaches and advises the nursing staff. 



    Paul and Any Lindberg grew up in Cambridge. Paul is the East Africa Director of Talking Bibles. He travels to Ethiopia and Sudan and distributes the Talking Bibles to the Majangir and Murle people groups. 

    The people gather after working in their fields to sing and pray and listen to what God says to them in groups of 20-50 people. In one village of 3,000 people, there are only 5 Talking Bibles available and they earnestly want more.


    Youth For Christ (Northern Ireland)

    Gary and Valerie have served as the area representatives for Christian Service Brigade for 14 years. They previously lived in Cambridge and were active members of First Baptist.

    They are serving with Youth for Christ in Northern Ireland where they train and montor YFC staff reaching young people for Christ. Valerie is orginally from Ireland.


    Converge Worldwide (Cameroon)

    Wilondja and Shirley Masongezi are called by God to plant a “cluster” of churches in the French-speaking region of Cameroon. They want to begin with small group Bible Studies and will be developing a team of leaders that will lead to church planting.

    Shirley has been supported by First Baptist Church for many years. It has been a joy to be a part of her career. Wilondja and Shirley returned to Cameroon in 2013 and are seeking to plan a church in the French speaking part of the country.


    Wycliffe, USA

    Mike and Jennifer are missionaries with Wycliffe, USA. They live in Orlando, Florida where Mike is the Wycliffe USA Customer Service Team Systems Administrator. He manages IT projects for the Wycliffe IT Customer Service Team, providing the implementation planning for IT projects that affect Wycliffe staff in the US and around the world. Mike also serves as a systems administraor for two of Wycliffe's core software packages.

    Their job assists in equipping people to carry out the mission of making God's word available to everyone in the language they know best. 

    Jennifer grew up in a missionary family and spent a number of years as a missionary for Navigators. Mike grew up in Cambridge, and after college worked with the underprivileged in Minneapolis. He also traveled on short-term missions to other countries in the world. 


    Converge Worldwide (Cameroon)

    Tim and Amy are missionaries in Cameroon. Tim teaches at the Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary in NDU. He trains the young Cameroonian men who want to be pastors. Many of the pastors in Cameroon have very little training.

    Amy works with the young Cameroonian women and ministers to them. Tim and Amy have attended both a wedding and a funeral this year while ministering at the Seminary.

    Tim grew up in Cambridge and attended First Baptist for a number of years. He participated in the youth groups while here. Amy grew up in Boyceville, WI and was a missionary with Latin American Missions.


    Teens For Christ

    Chad and Britt Peterson work with Teens For Christ dedicated to reaching teens with the Gospel. This ministry helps teens grow in the Lord and guides them as disciples for Jesus.

    Teens For Christ offers: Bible Clubs, Bible quizzing teams (memorization), leadership conferences, mission trips, rallies, camp and the Institute for Teen Evangelism. Teens For Christ ministers in Minnesota and Wisconsin and is headquartered in Hudson, Wisconsin.


    Children's Shelter of Cebu (Philippines)

    Joel lives and works at the Children's Shelter of Cebu in the Philippines. He has many tasks including overseeing staff schedules, updating their website, and taking pictures and videos of life at the shelter. In addition, he is leading a Bible study of the book of Revelation. His participants: teenage boys. Joel is the son of Paul & Shari Reasoner of First Baptist. Jinke is a physical therapist at the shelter.

    Joel rejoices in many answered prayers for the children who are given adoptive families and for God's faithfulness in providing for CSC's needs.


    Children's Shelter of Cebu (Philippines)

    Shari Reasoner travels several times a year to the Philippines. She is the Education Director at the Children's Shelter of Cebu and works with the staff to meet the many and varied educational needs of the children at CSC.

    Shari and her husband Paul attend First Baptist Church.



    Don and Cyd Storrs work with the TeachBeyond organization that uses educational initiatives such as English language camps, professional seminars, and schools (including Black Forest Academy) to educate others in a way that relates life and learning to God and His word. TeachBeyond reaches people in Southeast Asia, northern Africa, Brazil and various countries in Europe.

    Don and Cyd live in Colorado, but travel extensively to evaluate applicants for the academic year.

    A number of years ago Don and Cyd lived in Cambridge and served at First Baptist.


    Wycliffe (Papua New Guinea)

    Dave is the son of John and Heidi Troolin and the grandson of Alverna Fristad. He grew up in our church and graduated from Cambridge-Isanti High School and the University of Chicago. Sarah is Australian and her parents were missionaries in the Philippines. Dave and Sarah met in PNG. They have four children and live in the remote village of Buan where they are translating the Bible for the Sam language group.

    Sarah has also written curriculum for literacy classes for children and adults and has trained teachers for village schools. 


    Training Leaders International

    Duane serves as Vice President of Training Leaders International (TLI). In this role he is part of the processing team for TLI candidates, trains the staff, helps write curriculum as needed, recruits teams that train pastors in various countries and teaches courses as part of those teams. Previously he was a pastor for 17 years in Nebraska.

Spring of Life Church

Spring of Life is our sister church in Kremenchuk, Ukraine. Back in the 1990's it was a “house” church of about a dozen people; now it has an attendance of over 265 and at least 6 daughter churches. First Baptist Church has sent a number of mission teams to Spring of Life to conduct Day Camps (Vacation Bible Schools) and to repair a building. The Kremenchuk Bible College is attached to the church and Pastor Alex Zigalenko, was both pastor of the church and director of the Bible College. READ Ministries also grew out of this relationship with a number of men taking the lead to supply machines and materials so a Christian printing operation could take place in Ukraine. Spring of Life has supported FBC with much prayer and encouragement for us.